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The GOWI HAWK is the latest addition to our range of market leading bait boats.  Built to the same high standards as the hugely succesful and popular OSPREY the HAWK is a slightly smaller boat.  A catamaran configuration with 2 hoppers.  

The HAWK utilisies a single colour handset with integrated sonar and GPS - the same as the OSPREY.  Fast, manouverable, quiet and easy to use the HAWK is a great addition to an angler's fishing armoury.

GOWI HAWK - Single colour handset with GPS & Sonar

  • > Boat :ABS catamaran 650*440*320mm

    > Weight:5KG

    > Sailing speed:1-2m/s

    > Double motor, each 4000rpm

    > Loading bait weight:5kgs

    > Bait Box:2pcs seperately controlable in the middle and 1pc bait door in boat rear with hull rig release system

    > Battery: lithium battery12V10AH*2pcs (main batteries)  Low battery indicator,yes  Charger:5A*2pcs  Charging port: double  LED Light:

    >On/Off controlled by the transmitter  Remote controller:2.4Ghz  Remote

    >control distance500meters

    > ALL in one:Colorful Transmitter including RC, GPS, colorful Sonar,

    >Autopilot functions

    > GPS: memory 900pcs target points

    > Sonar:colour, detect underwater depth, fish finder, max depth 30meters.

    >Auto HOME function

    >Auto Bait Drop. Boat autopilot to POINT and drops both hoppers and hook release, then returns HOME automatically.

    > Boat upper colours: black, camo and carbon

    > Comes with 2 years UK based warranty, camo carry bag and tripod for handset 


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