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"My fishing buddies have more expensive alternatives, Carplounge RT4's and UK Bespoke Bait Boats, the Osprey more than held its own in such prestigious company.  I found the battery life outstanding and the ease of use of the Osprey is different class compared to some of the alternatives on the market."


 "I fished 4 rods at 120m out in very choppy conditions, the boat performed wonderfully , without hesitation , managed to put my rigs out on the same spot every single time. Cannot recommend Gowi Osprey enough, definitely the best decision I've made by choosing it over some other boats on the market."


"Hi guys just want to say how very pleased I am with my boat that was delivered today what an amazing bit of kit  

I would also like to say a massive thank you for loaning me a boat to go to France with last week due to mine not going to be here in time 

The service I received from Mike was unreal top quality customer service I received"

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