GOWI BAIT BOATS Covid & Delivery Update

Mixed messages from the Government or at least what's been "leaked" and appearing in the press. Sounds like we can go to the pub again in April but you won't be able to enjoy a pint with your packet of crisps! Don't see that working as a strategy to get the pubs and restaurants back on their feet.....!

From our perspective the combination of the Covid pandemic and Brexit has created something of a perfect storm and impacted directly on our ability to deliver our boats as quickly or a predictably as we would like. I would stress that we are most grateful for our customers continued patience and understanding in this regard.

A knock on global effect has been the dramatic increase in transportation costs - see attached chart which is an extract from a recent report on container prices coming from China to the UK.

The impact on our business and costs is substantive. We are conscious that times are hard for us all but we cannot absorb all of the increases coming through and will therefore from March 1st be increasing the price on our boats.

The increase will reflect not only reflect increased transportation costs but also that we now deliver the boats with upgraded batteries 18.8AH versus 10AH.

With Chinese New Year impacting on manufacturing we are now taking orders for boats to be delivered in April having sold all the boats due for delivery in March.
Hopefully life will return to some form of, albeit revised, normality in April/May.
Keep well.